15 Best Badminton Shoes To Buy in 2019 By Experts

Hi! Friends, you are indeed in the right place to find and compare the Best Badminton Shoes available in the market. This list contains badminton shoes for men as well as badminton shoes for women. The boots are 15 in number so that you have plenty of options to choose among these stylish shoes for badminton.

Although there are many fantastic badminton shoes out there, each footwear might not be suitable for you. So, it becomes necessary to have some prior knowledge to compare these badminton shoes effectively. My previous article provides some essential information that will help you compare them. Furthermore, this article would also help you to understand the highlighted features of these badminton shoes better. Here is the link to my previous article –

Ultimate Guide To Buy Best Badminton Shoes in 2019

Synthetic Rubber Sole- Upper
Leather and Textile Rubber Sole
Mizuno Women's Wave
Leather and Textile Rubber Sole
ASICS Women's Gel-Tactic 2
Upper Mesh Rubber Synthetic
ASICS Mens Gel-Tactic 2
Upper Mesh Rubber Synthetic
Adidas Men's Barricade
Pure Textile Rubber sole
Adidas Originals Men's Ligra
Ultra Flexible Rubber Sole
LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight
Anti-collision Rubber outsole
Yonex Men's Pro Cushion SHB-02
P.U Leather Tough Brid Light
Yonex SHB 02 Limited
P.U Leather Tough Brid Light
Yonex SHB01LTD Lee Chong Wei Edition
Double Russel Mesh TPU upper
ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 8 Shoe
Lightweight Gum Rubber
ASICS Women's Gel Upcourt Shoe
Gum Rubber Outsole Synthetic
Babolat 2018 Shadow Spirit
Textile, Squash
Yonex Aerus 2 Men's Indoor
Fabric Leather

Best Badminton Shoes to Buy in 2019 By Experts

15. HEAD Men’s Grid 2.0 Low Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes (Non-Marking)


  • The first in the list of best badminton shoes, The Head Grid 2.0  has the unique Cooling System and HyBrasion Technology.
  • To maintain ultimate breathability, a dynamic climate control system is set up by the cooling system within the show.
  • The cooling system is termed as dynamic as the material absorbs heat and releases it in the atmosphere.
  • The abrasion compound formula used in HyBrasionTechnology is to absorb impacts in high-stress areas of the sole.
  • The provides improved protection against wear and tear, thus making it durable.
  • Also, the design of this badminton shoe is such that it results in enhanced toe drag resistance.

Features –

  • Synthetic
  • rubber sole
  • Great for any Indoor Court: Racquetball, Squash, Badminton, Pickleball, Volleyball
  • Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Air Mesh Upper
  • Non-Marking Gum Rubber Outsole
  • HyBrasion – High abrasion compound

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14. PUMA Men’s Invicto SALA Soccer Shoe


This one is from one of the top three Puma’s shoe models that every player must have and is searching for. It has got comfort, lightweight, and a great touch.

  • The first catch here is the perfect combination of leather and natural suede in the vamp, which gives it an elegant touch and eye-catching.
  • The rubber sole provides ultimate stability on the court.
  • Furthermore, the rubber enforced toe helps increase speed, agility, and grip. The rubber toe also provides protection and durability.
  • The new low-profile outsole provides excellent grip while a removable, and lightweight sock liner ensures optimal cushioning and comfort.

Features – 

  • 100% Leather and Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • rubber toe enforcement

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13. Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning RX3 Shoe


The Mizuno Wave Lightning RX3 Women’s  Shoes are the latest edition of the widely popular Wave Lightning RX line of badminton shoes for women from Mizuno.

  • The new seamless upper design provides an improved fit with unmatched style.
  • The amazing
  • The amazing Parallel Mizuno Wave technology works to distribute the shock throughout the sole.
  • The extremely light cushioning and enhanced stability on the court are the prime features of the shoe.
  • Dynamotion Fit technology: To eliminate distortion due to the stress the foot naturally places on the shoe for a comfortable fit.to
  • Dynamotion Groove technology: It increases the flexibility of the foot and agility for ultimate performance.
  • The improved midsole ventilation releases heat and humidity inside the shoe for better comfort and performance.
  • The Women’s Wave Lightning RX3 also features a suspension system which connects the Wave plate to the ground, enhancing stability and traction, while an improved outsole rubber provides improved traction and flexibility.

Features – 

  • 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 2.25″ from arch
  • New and improved seamless upper provides lighter and improved fit

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12. ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 Shoe


  • ASICS  Gel Tactic 2 combines enhanced technology with upgraded performance.
  • The seamless mesh provides breathable fit, which keeps your feet cool and dry, which can otherwise distract you from the game.
  • The seamless construction results in lower irritation and friction as compared to traditional stitches and seams.
  • The supplemental toe guard ensures protection and durability.
  • The forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning system provide superior comfort.
  • The advanced Truss Tic system caters to the need of perfect stability on the badminton court.
  • The Truss tic system technology reduces the weight, maintaining the strength of the shoe.

Features – 

  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Open Mesh Upper
  • Truss tic System Technology
  • Seamless Construction

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11. ASICS Mens Gel-Tactic 2 Shoe


  • ASICS  Gel Tactic 2 combines enhanced technology with upgraded performance.
  • The seamless mesh provides breathable fit, which keeps your feet cool and dry, which can otherwise distract you from the game.
  • The seamless construction results in lower irritation and friction as compared to traditional stitches and seams.
  • The supplemental toe guard ensures protection and durability.
  • The forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning system provide superior comfort.
  • The advanced Truss Tic system caters to the need of perfect stability on the badminton court.
  • The Truss tic system technology reduces the weight, maintaining the strength of the shoe.

Features – 

  • Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Open Mesh Upper
  • Trusstic System Technology
  • Seamless Construction

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10. Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoe


This should be a prime choice for the aggressive players due to its supportive TORSION SYSTEM midfoot and ADIPRENE under the heel for extra cushioning.

  • It keeps your feet dry and ventilated throughout long games, no matter how rigorously you play with them.
  • This pair can help you to increase your speed and agility as the rubber sole absorbs the impacts and provides an excellent grip on the surface.
  • You are provided with a removable insole for deeper foot penetration, but that might restrict the ankle movement.
  • It might be a bit heavier, but still, the weight is within the recommended range. Further, the durability and affordability compensate for the weight.

Features – 

  • 100% Textile
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Removable insole

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9. Adidas Originals Men’s Ligra 6 Shoe


Adidas is a brand recognized worldwide, and their sporting equipment is no exception. When it comes to performance on the court, you’ll get the best return on your money from the badminton shoes. The way they land and give you a firm grip is awe-inspiring. It couldn’t get any better, and of course, you deserve it when you have the Adidas logo on it.

The Ligra 4 is probably the best badminton shoes for men that are built to the highest quality standards and to boost your performance.

  • These attractive shoes have been designed by observing aggressive moves and twists of badminton players, who put them high on performance.
  • Thanks to the rubber sole which prevents sliding and provides a firm grip on the badminton court.
  • With unmatched durability, this pair is worth your money. It can easily handle the most rigorous movements in the badminton court.
  • The mesh material inside makes it more breathable and keeps your feet dry for a maximum time while you are on the court.

What’s more amazing about this pair is the level of comfort. Whether it be just wearing, running, or jumping around, they offer maximum support, so you don’t get distracted.

Features – 

  • Synthetic material(ultra flexible)
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Breathable mesh upper with sublimated graphics
  • Synthetic leather overlay for lateral stability
  • Reinforced loopholes for the durable lacing system
  • EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning; Adiwear outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability

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8. LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton Shoes 


  • The multiple pivot points make the sole flexible to enhance comfort and performance.
  • The extra layer of reinforcement along the inside front and the toe area of the shoe protects you from a sports injury.
  • Air mesh upper with synthetic leather overlays designed with exquisite stitching, delicate and fashionable.
  • Rubber outsole designed for abrasion resistant and anti-skid, provide superior product performance.
  • XSTRUCTURE: It is a tightening device for the heel. It can adjust the tightness based on the needs and improve excellent protection for the strong demand for anti-rollover, such as these badminton shoes.

Features – 

  • imported
  • Anti-collision toe
  • Exquisite stitching
  • Rubber outsole

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7. Yonex Men’s Pro Cushion SHB-02 MX Badminton Shoe


  • One of the best badminton shoes available from Yonex, the SHB-02MX has an outstanding cushion, ankle grasping stability, and a new, unique design.
  • With this pair of badminton shoes you can comfortably move backward for smash, forward to clear a dropped shot and sideways.
  • They are also less hard on hamstrings.
  • The power cushion works wonders at absorbing shocks and gives you a Happy Feet!

Features –

  • Upper Materials: P.U Leather; Polyester Mesh
  • Midsole Materials: Tough Brid Light
  • Outsole Materials: Rubber

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6. Yonex SHB 02 Limited Men’s Indoor Shoe


  • With this shoe, Yonex once again proves that it is the master of creating the best badminton shoes in the world.
  • With a perfect blend of comfort, weight, and durability, this shoe is a treat for every badminton player.
  • Despite being incredibly light, they provide excellent cushion and support to protect your ankles and feet.
  • They look incredibly stylish without any compromise in design and quality.

Features – 

  • Synthetic
  • These badminton shoes feature a perfect balance between comfort, durability, and weight.
  • Upper Materials: P.U Leather Polyester Mesh Durable Skin
  • Midsole Materials: Tough Brid Light Power Cushion
  • Outsole Materials: Rubber

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5. Yonex SHB01LTD Lee Chong Wei Edition-Dark Pink


  • This pair of Yonex badminton shoes is inspired by Lee Chong Wei and is perfect for an aggressive player who likes to attack, jump, and smash.
  • As it is Lee Chong Wei edition of Yonex badminton shoes, it suits those with devastatingly fast footwork.
  • On the one hand, the shiny appearance appeals to the eyes, and on the other, the use of P.U. Leather makes it durable.
  • The installed Double Russeltechnology helps ventilate eight times faster, ensuring fresh and dry feet throughout the game.
  • This pair of shoes is quite lovable for its power cushion system, which absorbs impacts due to quick movements, thereby increasing the speed of your actions.
  • The rubber outsole makes it perfect for indoor play, and power graphite sheet midsole offers stability and grip.

Features – 

  • P.U.Leather, Double Russel Mesh, TPU upper
  • Toughbrid light, Power Cushion, TPU, Solid EVA with Power Graphite Sheet midsole
  • Rubber outsole for indoor play

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4. ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 8 Shoe


  • This badminton shoe is a perfect combination of great comfort and ergonomics due to the advanced GEL cushioning and amazing design.
  • Due to the flatter front curve, effort in twists is minimized.
  • Gel-Rocket 8 is an excellent choice in entry level shoes for with exceptional fit, upgraded shock-absorbing cushioning and enhanced traction.
  • This shoe is a longtime favorite of beginner and intermediate court players.


  • Lightweight(350 g)
  • Rubber sole
  • gum rubber on the outsole for traction
  • Forefoot GEL Cushioning System (COURT): Attenuates shock during impact phase.
  • Truss tic System Technology: Reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structural integrity of the shoe.

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3. ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt Shoe


  • The perfect option in best badminton shoes for women to improve their performance at a very decent cost. It looks very sleek in design but is high on performance.
  • With the thinner sole, you get a lower center of gravity and hence fewer chances of injury.
  • Extraordinarily durable and you can use them regularly with no significant wear and tear.
  • Provides excellent traction due to the full-length rubber outsole.
  • The rear foot gel cushioning system is excellent.
  • Further, the combination of synthetic leather overlays and mesh underlays promote breathability and forefoot comfort.
  • Excellent value for an amateur athlete.

Features –

  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Gum Rubber Outsole
  • Cushioning on inner sole

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2. Babolat 2018 Shadow Spirit Men’s Shoe


This shoe is a certain addition to the list of best badminton shoes. Let’s know why?

  • It features a thin cast which wraps around your feet like a feather. The elastic wraps inside further give an excellent grip and fit the shoes perfectly.
  • Whether it be jumping, sliding, or lunging Shadow Spirit will give you a perfect grip to best of its ability. All thanks to the flat sole.
  • A good bottom sole pattern can be a game changer, and in this case, makes  Shadow spirit better than other shoes.
  • Further, it’s not entirely flat, which ensures that you don’t have to drag your shoe to make a quick movement.

The SHADOW SPIRIT is the shoe for advanced players looking for a high-quality product.

Features – 

  • Textile
  • For advanced badminton players
  • Good for Indoor tennis, Badminton, Racquetball, Squash

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1. Yonex Aerus 2 Men’s Indoor Court Shoe Navy


  • I can guarantee that when you wear these shoes, you will feel as if you have no shoes in your feet. This statement reveals the extremely lightweight property of these shoes.
  • With Duble Russel Mesh upper with vents and P.U. Leather, Aerus ensures that the feet can breathe in every condition.
  • Hyper msLite in the midsole creates a 10% lighter shoe (when compared to original high-performance midsole”Super MsLite”).
  • The all rubber sole dramatically increases traction so that you can take on any shot that comes at you and reach all corners of the court.
  • Power Cushion provides support inside the shoe to control lateral movement; because there is no lateral movement to diminish power, more speed and power are transferred into every move.

Features – 

  • Perfect badminton shoe for men
  • fabric-and-leather
  • Double Russell Mesh 
  • Hyper msLite is a further 10% lighter than the original high-performance midsole “Super ms Lite,” and features more excellent durability and comfort; construction also encourages significantly lighter footwork during play.
  • Solid E.V.A.
  • 3D Power Graphite Sheet

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