10 Best Free Workout Apps to Stay Fit and Healthy

Have you set your new year resolution to get fit and healthy? This article on 10 Best Free Workout Apps lists some great exercise apps. These awesome workout apps will help you get fit without leaving your apartment. Both men and women can download workout apps on their iOS, Android and Windows devices.

So here are some must download fitness apps to get stay and healthy –

Best Free Workout Apps For Both Men and Women

1. Fitbit Coach


Earlier Fitbit Coach fitness app was popularly known as Fitstar coach. Fitbit coach is suitable for all levels of workout sessions. The app connects with the user’s Fitbit account and logs every workout automatically.

However, the exercise content for free users is less than the paid users. To access unlimited video content, a premium subscription is required.

  • Fitbit coach provides professional exercise videos in HD. The app combines these exercises and produces unique workout sessions.
  • The workout sessions adjust according to the user’s fitness level.
  • As you make progress and get fit, the exercises and workout sessions get more difficult.
  • Fitbit coach is downloadable for iOS, Android and Windows phone users.

2. Nike Training Club


Nike Training Club is one of the most stylish workout apps. However, it works only for iOS devices and is subscription free.

  • The fitness app contains workout videos for both men and women.
  • The workout videos are available in different styles like yoga, cardio, boxing, and endurance.
  • Nike Training App also contains videos for users who have free weights in their home.
  • You can use the app to do workout and lift weights in the privacy of your home.

3. Jova


Jova is another of the stylish all-in-one workout apps as it provides guided exercise videos. It also enables run-walk trekking workout.

Jova sorts the fitness exercises on basis of strength, cardio, and flexibility. The Jova premium subscription includes free workout classes by celebrity trainers and influencers.

Jova is also available on iPhone,iPod touch and Apple watch.

4. Sweat

Sweat fitness app is designed particularly for women to motivate them and help them achieve proper workout sessions. It also guides about the diet to stay fit and energized. Receipes for healthy food and a large variety of workout videos are available which can be easily downloaded.

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5. Runtastic


Runtastic is an amazing workout app to practice pushups, situps, and pull-ups. Runtastic is available on Windows 10 PC, tablets and Windows phone. The main features of this workout app are voice coaching, exercise repetition counting, leaderboards and many more.

6. Noom


Noom is the first choice among the best workout apps as it claims to reduce the 18 pounds of weight in 16 weeks. But it all depends on your dedication if you follow the eating and exercising habits.

Noom allows people to attain a healthy lifestyle through customized diets, workout plans, and weight trackers. Personal coaches are also available to really help you shed some pounds.

7. Asana Rebel


For all Yoga lovers, Asana rebel is the perfect app to choose. Since involves difficult postures, Asana rebel can be the best among all workout apps. Yoga is great to increase the flexibility and balance of your body. You can look at this article for some awesome yoga poses

Yoga Poses to attain flexibility

8. Strava


Are you looking to compete in a marathon or ever thought of doing that? Strava can be of immense help if you think of marathon.

Strava keeps track of your running and cycling distance, speed and helps build endurance. You can also compare with your friends on the fitness app and get fit together. Competition with friends. Isn’t that fun?

9. Aaptiv

Music really increases the adrenaline levels and make the workout really joyful. Aaptiv fitness app provides running and workout playlists. Those high beats motivate you and help burn extra calories.

10. Keelo


Keelo contains high-intensity workout to help you get in shape beyond the gym. Keelo also provides a virtual coach who guides you and even answers your fitness related queries. You have a personal trainer, isn’t that a moment of pride?

Everyone wants to have a slim and fit body. But it harder than saying. Some of us complain we don’t have time and money to go to the gym. But with these workout apps, you can exercise in the privacy of your home.

I hope you like the article and share it with your friends and family. Keep the comments coming. Bye for now.


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