11 ways to Remove Splinters quickly and without pain (Home Remedies)

Hello guys, Back with an Essential Article “How to Remove splinters” Its a Common thing in day to day life Foreign particles embedded in the skin and irritates you or sometimes gives abdominal pain too. So I have Come up with the solution 11 ways to Remove Splinters quickly and without pain (Home Remedies).home-remedies-to-remove-splinters

Splinter is the piece of objects or particles (especially wood, glass, bone) that embedded and stuck in the skin. Foreign particles remain inside the Body’s Tissue that can be considered as the Splinter. Splinters may cause initial pain through ripping of flesh and muscle, infection through bacteria on the foreign object, and severe internal damage through migration to vital organs or bone over time. They are common in daily life but painful. In many cases, you can safely remove a splinter yourself at home. If the injury becomes infected or if you’re unable to remove the fragment on your own, you’ll need to see a doctor.


Usually, When splinters stuck in the surface of the skin it may cause Pain or Typical infection, and If Splinter Stuck deeply under skin May becomes the Cause of Bleeding, swelling, or abdominal pain at the wound area, So It is vital to remove Splinters quickly. In some Cases, Fragments may need to be removed by medical experts if they are deeply stuck or not Visible properly. But always Home Remedies recommended first if Matter is quite bearable.

Essential Tips to Take care of Splinters:-

  • Wash and Dry the Affected area:- To prevent infection. It is necessary to wash the affected area gently with soap or antiseptic liquid and then let them dry.
  • Inspect the Splinter:- If the fragment is quite small then it is a challenging task to identify them, Use the Magnifying lens to see the exact location and the direction of entered orientation.

Top 11 Ways to Remove Splinters:-

There are Several safe and simple home remedies available that will make it easier for you to get rid of splinters, Here Top 11 ways to Remove Splinters quickly and without pain (Home Remedies).

Baking Soda:-

Baking Soda is the Best available home remedies to remove Splinters from embedded skin easily. A paste of baking soda applied to the fragment causes the skin to swell and pushes the splinter out easily.

Mix the Baking Powder with water and make a concentrated paste. Spread the Paste over the Splinter area by Bandage or Plaster and Let them dry for approx 12 hours. After dry, the Paste Remove the Bandage Naturally Splinter stick with the bandage or Splinter is Easily visible which can pull it out with the help of Tweezers. After the Removal of Splinter merely uses Antiseptic over the Affected Area.

Duct Tape or Glue:-

It is one of the Simplest methods to Remove Splinters. Duct tape methods work best when part of Splinter is sticking out to the skin; It will not work if splinters are embedded deeply.

After washing and drying the affected area put the Duct tape over the splinter gently Rub over the Duct Tape with Finger. Now wait for a Couple of Time then Pull off the Duct tape in one Smooth Motion, Splinter will Come out with the Duct tape. After the Removal of splinter Use antiseptic over the affected area or wash the affected area.

You can also Use Glue instead of Duct Tape to remove the splinter. Just Apply a thick Layer of Glue over the affected area and leave it to Dry after Dried appropriately or entirely, peel off the Layer of Glue gently, The splinter will stick to Glue and easily withdrawn without any Pain.

White Vinegar:-

White Vinegar is another Best Home remedies to Remove splinters. It works because of The acidic nature of vinegar will cause the fragment to crack through the surface of the skin. So, this helps the sliver to rise to the surface skin and can quickly pull it out with tweezers.

Take some white Vinegar into the Bowl and keep the affected area into the Bowl for 15 minutes approx. Check whether the Splinter Come up or not If Yes Pull it out with the Tweezer. If not keep on soaking the white vinegar. After your removal, the splinter Use antiseptic Over the Splinter area.

Banana Peel:-

It works as Miracle to Remove the Splinter. The peel of the Ripe Banana also helps to rid of Splinters. It works because Peel contains Enzymes that help the fragment to move up to the surface. It too moisturizing and antimicrobial the skins prevent infection.

Take a small piece of Banana Peel, Place the Inner Side of Peel over the Splinter and secure with the Duct tape or Band. Leave it Overnight, In the Morning Remove the Peel You will see Splinter come up Now easily Can Pull it out with Tweezer. Leave the Peel More if still Not get Risen splinter to the surface of the skin.

Hydrogen Peroxide:-

Hydrogen peroxide is another Home Remedy to Get Rid of Splinter. It works Because of disinfectant and mild antiseptic property that apply over the affected area and reduces the inflammation so that the fragment is easily visible and pull out.

Take Some Cotton Make them Ball like structure. Soak the Cotton Ball into the Hydrogen peroxide and gently apply it over the Splinter area and secure it with the Bandage or Duct tape. Leave them for Couple of hours, Remove the Cotton and you will saw fragment come up Now Pull it Out with the help of Tweezer.

Egg Shell:-

Another Efficient Method to Remove the Splinter. It works because Eggshell Causes the Splinter to move up to the Surface of skin.

Take a Piece of Egg and Crack it and Remove the all available Content and take a large piece of the shell along with the Inner Transparent membrane and Place it over the Splinter area and Secure with the Bandage. Leave them for overnight, In the Morning Remove the bandage and Pull it out the Splinter with the help of Tweezer.


It is the Simplest Way to Remove Splinter. It works Because Potato flesh is soft and can easily be pierced by the splinter which can easily Pull it out with Removal of the slice.

Take a Slice of potato place over the Splinter area and Press the Slice downwards gently and take it off carefully. If the Splinter pierces the slice, then it can lift it out quickly. Use the Thinner Slice of Potato if the Previous one Not work.

Epsom Salt:-

Epsom salt Poultice is another effective Method to Remove Splinters for especially profoundly lodged one. It works because draws water out of the skin cells, and that is why it brings the fragment to the surface and making it easy to pull out without any pain.

Take a pinch of Epsom salt on the Bandage, and apply the Bandage over the Splinter area and Leave it for the entire day. In the Morning Remove the bandage you will saw Fragment come up Now Merely pull it out with the help of Tweezer. Repeat the Process if You will not get the Solution.

Hot Water:-

It is the Simplest way to remove Splinters effectively. It works Due to the vacuum creation; a pull force is exerted on the flesh of skin. At the same time, the steam from the hot water opens up the skin’s pores.

Take Some Hot Water and a Wide mouth Vessel or Plastic Bottle. Fill the Vessel almost to the Core with Hot water and Press it to splinter area. Press Forcefully so that an efficient vacuum is created, keep on Pressing in the same position for few Minutes. Then Slowly Remove the vessel. You will saw Splinter is drawn out Now Pull it out with the help of Tweezer.

Lavender Oil:-

It is another efficient method to get rid of splinter Naturally. It works because of antimicrobial property prevent to developing any infections. Lavender Oil also Possess anti-inflammatory and healing properties that will aid in the quick recovery of the skin that was pierced by the splinter.

Take Some oil and Apply over the Splinter area and leave it for few minutes. Check whether the fragment has risen up or not. If yes Pull it out with the Tweezer. If no then wait for some More time to drawn out the Splinter. For the Larger fragment, you might have to Reapply the Process.

Bread and Milk:-

It is the one of the best and simplest Remedy to Remove Splinter. It works because of bread softness (with Milk) easily stuck the fragment and removed the bread.

Take a piece of bread with little milk over it and place the bread piece over the Splinter area and secure it with Bandage. Leave the Bandage overnight, In the morning remove the bandage and gently taken up the bread probably splinter will be stuck and removed easily. After the removal of fragment rinse the splinter area with the help of antiseptic or soap.

What is Splinter hemorrhage?

Splinter hemorrhages are tiny blood clots that tend to appear vertically under the nails. It can appear on both fingernail and Toenail. This bleeding looks like, reddish-brown lines and gives the appearance that there is a splinter under the fingernail, but the fragment is not. Hence, it is called a splinter hemorrhage.

What Happens when Splinters are left Untreated?

In most of the cases, Splinter Removed easily with Home mentioned above Remedies without any pain or developing any infection. However if Sometimes Splinters are not readily visible or hard to Remove that May cause Infection or wound. In such cases, the body can close off the broken fragment into the skin still inside. It can develop infections depending upon how dirty the site of entry was. So, It is always recommended to remove the foreign particle from the body to avoid contamination.

It Always keeps in mind that Whatever method you used to remove splinters, It is essential to Clean the Splinter area with antiseptic Before and After the Removal of Splinter to be secure to any infection and wound.

Above Listed Home Remedies are the Safe and Secure to Remove Splinters. I hope this article will be the help to you to get rid of Splinter. If you Like Our Post, then don’t forget to share with your friends. Keep on Smiling.

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