Ultimate Guide To Buy Badminton Shoes in 2019

Salut! all badminton lovers. Today I am back with some fantastic stuff regarding one of the critical components that make a good game of badminton – Badminton Shoes. If you are looking to buy badminton shoes then you are at the perfect place to find out everything, you would love to have in your badminton shoes.

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Before we start it becomes crucial to make it clear an important question –

Why special Badminton shoes? (Badminton Shoes vs. Normal Shoes)

If you are here, then you will know the fast pace of a game of badminton and the amount of energy that is required to maintain that pace. The quick direction changes and lateral movements that you need to make are not possible with your regular thicker sole shoes. Yes, that’s right, badminton shoes have a thinner sole which lowers your center of gravity to reduce the risk of injuries. You might understand it with the fact that cars are manufactured to have a lower center of gravity.

Non-Marking Shoes for Badminton

I heard this term the first time when I went to play badminton in my college’s badminton court, and I was not permitted to enter in the court. And I think some of you might want to know the meaning. As the name suggests, non-marking shoes don’t leave any mark/scratch on wooden courts/synthetic turfs. Also, you are required to wear them inside the court and not from outside as that would lead to marks on the court.

Non-marking shoes have a soft sole, a property by which they can be differentiated from regular shoes. Another property that identifies them is that on rubbing them against a white paper, they leave no mark or scuffs.

3 Essential Qualities Of Good Badminton Shoes

1. Traction and Grip

Depending on the type of badminton court –

  1. Wood or PU courts  –  On wooden courts, gum rubber sole badminton shoes provide a high level of grip and traction. But due to gum rubber, they accumulate dust easily and reduce the grip. However, you can get rid of that problem by cleaning the sole with a moisturized towel at regular intervals. Further, you should keep the usage of your shoes limited to the badminton court.
  2. Cement Courts – Normal rubber sole shoes are perfect for cement courts.

2. Good Cushioning

When you need to change directions quickly, good cushioning absorbs the shock and never lets you lose a point to the opposition. It also helps prevent injuries.

3. Lightweight

The role of lighter shoes is quite evident as they help in faster feet movement and directional changes.

Thanks to the application of engineering in sports that led to the development of the following technologies in your shoes:

For Beginners
  • Power cushion – Excellent shock absorber for quick reverse movements and maintaining body balance.
  • Ergoshape – Ergo-shaped shoes provide stability and comfort for fast footwork.
  • Double Russel Mesh – Double Russel Mesh is an ultra fine mesh that is extremely lightweight and durable. With such an energy-intensive game, your feet are likely to sweat a lot; these shoes give 8 times better air exchange as compared to regular shoes. They are also affordable and prevent blisters too.
For Regulars
  • MsLite – Twin benefits of durability and fast footwork.
  • Lateral Claw – Provides higher power and faster feet movement.
  • Hexagrip Sole – 3 % more gripping power and 20% lighter than ordinary material shoes without the hexagrip pattern. It also facilitates quick and stable footwork.

These features are a bit costly –

  • SuperMsLite – 10% lighter than MsLite due to polymer-based material for effective performance.
  • Round Sole – Round sole increase in the transfer of body energy into movements around the court.
  • Power Graphite Light Sole – The 3D graphite sheet sole plate provides high stability and reduces the impact on landing.
  • Power Cushion Insole MC – They are a bit expensive, but their durability compensates for that. Known for shock minimization ability.

Tip – Wear the shoes that fit you right otherwise the friction due to movement of the foot inside the shoe can lead to blisters. Further, if you feel your shoes to be a bit tight then bear them for some time badminton shoes loosen up after some time.

Benefits of a Good Badminton Shoe

  • Better court covering
  • Perfect fit
  • Perfect grip on the court
  • Enhanced foot movement
  • Better flexibility at the forefoot
  • Better response time
  • Comfortable
  • Reduced risk of injury

Tips To Maintain Your Badminton Shoes

  1. Don’t wear your badminton shoes as street shoes as that can cause damage to your shoes.
  2. Let the shoes dry after a sweaty session before putting them in your bag.
  3. Regularly clean the sole of your badminton between a game or after every game to keep them dust free.
  4. Never clean your shoes with strong chemicals or bleach as that can damage the rubber of shoes. Instead, use a soap solution and a little scrubbing to clean them.

Badminton Shoes For Men, Women, And Kids

As far as the designing of shoes is considered, there is no difference in badminton shoes for men and women. The difference is only in style, color, and shape. For men, you find cool colors and for women, it’s generally pink or something feminine. The same thing goes for kids and they are smaller in size. So, even women can wear some men’s shoes.No need to say men can’t do the same.

If you understand these things well, you will certainly be able to pick the best badminton shoe.

To reduce your workload I have compiled a list of some amazing badminton shoes and you will definitely find the right one for yourself. The list has been prepared by experts so that you get the most suitable badminton shoe. You can find the list here –

Best Badminton Shoes To Buy in 2019

I hope that you would have enjoyed reading this guide to buying badminton shoes and have gathered some useful information that would help you in buying badminton shoes.

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